Munters HCD-600 Desiccant Dehumidifier - New -- EQP1DRY/6180515-01

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Year: 2021
Condition: New

-- Assumes 42F mold temperature

-- An open area of 4 ft2 max

-- No ducting is included to connect to machine.


(1) Munters Dehumidification system, Model HCD-600-EA-SFBS, with scope described as follows:

Munters HCD-600 HoneyCombe dehumidifier with proprietary TiGel desiccant wheel and drive. A modulated face and bypass damper section with an electric actuator will be included for automatic humidity control. The dehumidifier will be provided with an electric reactivation heater assembly with automatic energy modulation control and a model 700-35, SWSI forward curved type, direct driven reactivation fan with a 1-HP TEFC motor and manual balancing damper. The reactivation inlet airstream will be filtered with a metal mesh prefilter assembly. The desiccant wheel assembly will be supported on industrial rollers with an integral sealed bearing assembly. Perimeter and radial silicon industrial rated compression bulb seals will be provided on the entering and leaving side of the wheel to ensure performance integrity and prevent any cross leakage. The seal surface will have a laminated Roulon surface to minimize frictional contact and extend the life of the seals.  Plenum construction will be 0.125 inch welded strain hardened aluminum with 1 inch of Armaflex insulation. The dehumidification system sections will be mounted on a formed steel base. The dehumidification system will be designed for indoor mounting and a 460/3/60 electrical power supply.


Standard Controls Package:

NEMA 4 control enclosure with motor starters, control relays, power distribution blocks, transformers and control power terminal blocks.

The system control logic (sequence of operation) will be accomplished with a Siemens S7-1200 series PLC and will be provided with the necessary discrete and analog I/O for functional operation of the desiccant wheel, reactivation and process fan. Contacts will be provided for PLC interface, alarm notification and fault notification.

A Siemens model KTP400 color touch screen HMI will be provided for user interface with the PLC and visual display of the system status and operating parameters.

The system will be provided with a UL1995 (cETLus) certification label and the primary control enclosure(s) with a UL508A certification label.

System inlet and outlet connection types will be as follows - process inlet and outlet bolt pattern, reactivation inlet bolt pattern, and reactivation outlet bolt pattern.

Process air MERV8 prefilter assembly. The filters will be mounted in a side-loaded configuration.

Process fan will be a model 700-35, SWSI forward curved type, direct driven with a 2-HP TEFC motor and manual balancing damper. Fan assembly will be end-mounted (no plenum).

Munters standard parts warranty (see attached Terms and Conditions document for details).

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