EP1W-03 Water-Cooled Chiller

EP1W-03 Water-Cooled Chiller

EP2A Portable Chiller

EP2A-10 Air-Cooled Chiller

EP2A-05 Air-Cooled Chiller

EP2 Series Portable Chillers are designed for 4 to 43 ton applications. Using quality components such as scroll compressors, micro-channel condensers, low noise fans, stainless steel brazed plate evaporators and sophisticated controls provide the best available technologies for unmatched performance and reliability in a chiller package. Download Spec Sheet.


Model: EP2A-05

Voltage: 460/3/60 Hz

Cooling Capacity: 5.1 tons

Pump Motor Size: 2.0 Hp {1.1 kW}

Setpoint Range: 20-80°F {-7 to 27°C}

Air Flow: 4,000 cubic feet/min

Reservoir Holding Capacity: 11 gallons {42 litres}

Rotary Non-Fused Disconnect Switch: Included

Alarm Horn with Alarm Dry Contact: Included

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