TrueBlend TB100

TB100-4 (Standard Clean) Blender

TB250-4 (Quick Clean) Blender

TB250-4 (Quick Clean) Blender

TB250-4 (Standard Clean) Blender

Get accurate blends, better mixing, faster material changes and increased profits with Conair’s TrueBlend Series Blenders. Steep-sided material compartments allow resin to flow evenly and freely through vertical dispense valves into the weigh chamber. Efficient mixing assures full integration of all recipe ingredients. Download Spec Sheet.


Model: TB250

Smart Services: Enabled

Control: SB-5

Voltage: 110/1/60hz

Temperature Range: Standard

Application: Remote/Bin Mount

Number of Components: 4

Package: TS Standard Clean

Remote Blender Demand Sensor: Included

Air blow-off kit: Included